The Michigan Journal of Asian Studies (MJAS) was founded in 2011 for the purpose of offering undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to publish their research or analytical papers relevant to the field of Asian Studies in a peer-reviewed journal.

MJAS is committed to contributing to the larger community of scholarship through our open-access website. MJAS accepts submissions from around the globe in the social sciences and humanities concerning Asian Studies. While MJAS accepts graduate papers, undergraduates stand to benefit the most since there is currently limited opportunity for publication in the field of Asian Studies. Where opportunities exist, other journals confine their dialogues so narrowly as to include only one region, which consequently limits discussions that transcend regional boundaries. MJAS supports a broader scope of Asian culture, which consequently allows MJAS to accept more submissions and publish more frequently. Furthermore, it is the intention of MJAS to deepen appreciation and encourage interest into the rich and diverse cultures found in greater Asia, which is facilitated by affording students the venues in which to participate in the discussion. MJAS archives its publications online, free to the public.

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